About the EDZ - ArchiDok project

Towards the end of 2003, a group of European Documentation Centres (EDC) started a project to archive electronic full texts encompassing all fields of Community policy. In 2005 the ArchiDok partners joined Academic LinkShare (ALS), a network of different libraries in universities and research institutions offering internet portals for specific subjects. This cooperation enables cataloguing data with the help of a central input mask, developed for Internet Resources using the technical LinkShare System (LSS) for metadata sharing.

The "EDZ ArchiDok" project focuses on systematic cataloguing of relevant electronic texts published on the websites of European Union organs and institutions. These full texts are copied from EU websites to a central document server hosted by the University of Mannheim. Then, they are imported into a database developed by the EDCs. The ArchiDok database is located on a server in Mannheim and can be accessed on the web free-of-charge.

The EDCs in Berlin (FU), Köln, Mannheim and Krems/Austria serve as contact points, acting for all EDCs involved in the project. The group of EDCs communicates through a mailing list (eurodb) serving as a forum for discussion. According to the principle of "regional care", new project participants will be trained by the EDCs. An EDC interested in participating in the project will be trained by the nearest EDC already participating in the project.

Profile of the ArchiDok database

Studies, working papers, reports, SEC-documents (grey literature) published in 2000 and later will be uploaded to the ArchiDok-database. Important documents published before that date can be taken into account as well.

Full texts will be accessible online in the language/s available. Main language versions are German, English and French. Other languages could be added if available.

The VI manual serves as the basis for cataloguing.

Main cataloguing and classifying rules are documented in the manual of the "Gemeinsame Verbunddatenbank für Internetquellen (VI)" supplemented by a special "Cataloguing guide" for electronic documents. Indexing is realized by ECLAS Thesaurus and two other thesauri for Economics and Social Science and a country classification. Official publications, COM-, EP-, EESC-, CDR-documents, press releases, tenders, flyers et. al. are not part of ArchiDok's remit because they are already registered on different databases like EUR-Lex, EU-Bookshop et. al.

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